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Orthoptics & Squint: Orthoptics & Squint- II (BSOS623)


Learning Objective

The students will learn the basic terminologies in used of Orthoptics and diagnosis and management of common squint conditions. The course will cover the Binocular vision development and sensory and motor evaluation in Orthoptics management. Further students will learn theoretical understanding of the clinical investigation, diagnosis and management options for patients suffering from a range of binocular vision anomalies and Squint.

Course content

1. Tangent Screen

2. Duane’s syndrome Type I

3. Duane’s Syndrome Type II & III

4. Brown’s Syndrome

5. Miscellaneous syndrome (Jaw Winking, Mobius, FOEM, etc.)

6. 3rd Nerve palsy

7. 4th Nerve palsy (Superior Oblique Myochemia)

8. 6th Nerve palsy

9. DEP

10. Dissociated Vertical Deviation (DVD)

Course content

11. Myasthenia Gravis

12. Multiple sclerosis

13. Gravis Disease

14. Nystagmus (Types)

15. Nystagmus (Management)

16. Prism Fusion Range

17. Investigations of Incomitance Squint

18. Trauma and Squint

19. Saccades Eye Movements

20. Practical Aspects of Orthoptics Management & Practice