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Programming Fundamentals: Course Outline BSSE

Students should be able to implement intermediate level algorithms using C++ at their own with confident self-reliance

Course Outline

  • Introduction to computer programs, source code and executable programs, the compiler, history of programming languages, introduction to C++ language, basics of C++ programming language, the concept of variable. Writing programs involving sequence statements
  • Operators and expressions, arithmetic operators, unary operators, arithmetic operations, comparison operators, logical operators, order of precedence.The IF statement, If-else statement, nested if, the SWITCH statement
  • The iteration; FOR Statement, The WHILE Statement, The DO-WHILE Statement, BREAK &CONTINUE
  • Defining an array, single & multi-dimensional arrays, usingarrays to store data
  • String Handling: Basic String Handling Functions, Character conversions, Memory Operations
  • Using the Functions: Defining a Function, Accessing a Function, Function Prototypes, Passing Arguments to Function, Functions & Arrays, Pass by reference, Pass by value
  • Working with the Pointers & Structures: What is a Pointer?, Use of Pointer, Pointers & Functions, Pointers & Arrays, Arrays of Pointers, Multidimensional arrays & pointers, Static Initialization of Pointer Arrays, Pointers & Structures, programs involving text files

Text Books

E- Books