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Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms; Complexity Analysis; Arrays;
Sorting Algorithms: Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Shell Sort,
Heap Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Radix Sort, Bucket Sort; Linked Lists:
Singly Linked Lists, Doubly Linked Lists, Circular List; Stacks, Queues, and
Priority Queue; Recursion: Function call and Recursion Implementation, Tail
Recursion, Non-tail Recursion, Indirect Recursion, Nested Recursion,
Backtracking. Trees: Binary Trees, Binary Heap, Binary Search. Tree
Traversal, Insertion, Deletion, and Balancing a Tree; Heap; B-Tree; Spanning
Tree, Splay Trees; Graphs: Representation, Traversal, Shortest Path, and
Cycle Detection; Isomorphic Graphs; Graph Traversal Algorithms; Hashing;
Memory Management and Garbage Collection.

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