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Community & Preventive Dentistry: Course Outline

Preventive dentistry concerned with maintenance of a normal masticating mechanism by fortifying the structures of the oral cavity against damage and disease.

Course Outline

Introduction to community dentistry and dental public health

  • Concepts of health
  • Disease and illness and factors affecting these states
  • Activities carried out in the field of community dentistry

Oral epidemiology

  • Definition
  • Uses and principles of epidemiology
  • Research designs
  • Dental surveys
  • Clinical trials
  • Screening
  • Oral health assessment indices
  • Current concepts about etiology
  • Natural history and epidemiology of oral diseases and conditions having public health implications
  • Assessment of disease risk and predictive tests

Prevention of oral and dental diseases

  • Levels of prevention
  • Health promotion
  • Specific protection
  • Dental plaque and its role in the etiology of dental diseases
  • Diet nutrition and dental health
  • Water fluoridation
  • Fluoride supplements
  • Professionally and self-applied topical fluorides
  • Fissure sealing
  • Methods of plaque control
  • Principles and strategies of dental health education and promotion
  • Infection control
  • Protection from radiation and mercury hazards in dental practice

Dental health care delivery system

  • The structure and financing of dental care
  • Role of dentists
  • Dental auxilliaries and general health workers in oral health care
  • Dental care of people with special needs including the elderly
  • HIV/AIDS patients
  • School children
  • Principles and elements of primary health care
  • Ethical issues in dental care

Behavioral sciences

  • Health behavior and its determinates
  • Attitudes
  • Beliefs and values about health and illness
  • Theories of health behavior
  • Dentist – patient communication
  • Management of stress
  • Fear and anxiety in dentistry
  • Child psychology and behavior management and modification techniques
  • Counseling
  • Motivation and compliance


Course Outline

Introduction to Bio statistics

  • Types of variables
  • Frequency distribution
  • Measures of central tendency and variability in data
  • Methods of sampling
  • Sampling error
  • Probability
  • Normal distribution
  • Confidence interval
  • Tests of statistical significance
  1. Community Dentistry practical & field assignments
  1. Clinical Oral Examination
  • Exercise on models and extracted teeth
  • Exercise on patients in out patients department
  • Examination of institutionalized population like school children
  1. Questionnaire / interview study
  • Designing a questionnaire
  • Pilot testing the questionnaire
  • Data coding, processing and analysis
  1. Planning and conducting a dental health education (D.H.E.) session
  • Designing D.H.E. material
  • Planning, conducting and evaluating (D.H.E) sessions
  1. Chair side preventive dental procedures
  1. Fissure sealing
  2. Dietary counseling
  3. Plaque disclosing
  4. Instructions about Oral Hygiene measures
  • Tooth brushing demonstration
  • Inter-dental cleaning
  • Chemical control of dental plaque

Pre-Clinical Dentistry

The preclinical dentistry includes the following:

  • Junior operative techniques/dental material medica
  • Junior prosthodontics techniques

A-1 Junior Operative Techniques

  • Introduction to dental operative Techniques
  • Introduction to instrument used in cavity preparation
  • Classification of dental caries
  • Principles of Cavity preparation
  • Cavity preparation on plaster models/phantom head
  • Filling Materials
  • Dental material medica​

B-1 Junior Prosthodontics Techniques

  1. Introduction of impression and denture materials
  2. Laboratory procedures
  • Complete dentures
  • Acrylic removable partial denture
  • Cast partial denture
  • Anterior crowns
  • Posterior crowns
  • Bridges
  • Relining / Rebasing procedures
  • Repairs
  • Soldering and welding techniques

Text Books

Reference Books