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Documentary Production: Course Outline

Using pictures or interviews with people involved in real events to provide a factual report on a particular subject

Recommened Books

Course Outline

Course Content

  • Introduction, History and Evolution
  • How it differs from Fiction
  • Characteristics of Documentary
  • Documentary in Theatre and Imax
  • The Future of Documentary
  • Assignment: Idea for Documentary
  • Director’s and Editor’s Role in Documentary
  • Types of Documentary
  • Cinema Verite, Docudrama and Mockumentary
  • Key Elements of Documentary       
  • Idea Generation and Development
  • Producer Role and Documentary Business
  • Research for Documentary
  • Writing Research Report
  • Writing Proposal for Documentary
  • Creative Treatment writing
  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Contract Agreements & Personal Release Forms
  • Writing the Documentary Script
  • Two Scripts: Initial and Final Scripts
  • Three-Act Structural Design
  • Pre-production for Documentary
  • Camera & lighting Issues
  • Sound recording Issues
  • Interview Skills & Techniques
  • Designing the Questionnaire
  • Framing & Interview recording
  • Shooting the Documentary
  • Preliminary planning and Arrangements
  • Documentary Post Production
  • Building up Sequence & Rough cut
  • Audio editing and Sound Design
  • Final cut        
  • Preview session