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Mass communication: Course Outline

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Course Outline

  1. Communication: Definition
  2. Types of Communication and Significance
  3. Intrapersonal Communication vs Interpersonal Communication
  4. Machine-assisted Interpersonal Comm. Vs Mass Communication
  5. Debate: Islam and Islamic process of Communication and how Muslim Social Scientist Substantiate the Islamic Communication Process.
  6. Components of Mass Communication: Mass Communicators, Mass Messages, Mass Media , Mass Audiences
  7. Communication Models, Role of Communication Models
  8. Model of Communication in Quran
  9. Fundamental in the Communication Process
  10. Players in the Communication Process
  11. Impediments to Communication
  12. Mass Media Effects
  13. Political Islam and Media (Case Study of Printing of Danish Cartoons)
  14. Media and Political Systems
  15. Print Media: Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals, books, pamphlets
  16. Broadcast Media: Radio, TV and Film
  17. The Internet and Mass Communication
  18. Structure and Features of the Internet
  19. The Evolving Internet
  20. Social Implications

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