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Lights & Shade: Course Outline

This course is founded on the notion that students will be benefited increasingly if they are engage with practicality along with the theoretical aspects. The program will enable the students to explore and acquire a broad understanding of media and its i

Course Outline

Course Contents

  • Light as source of images and creator of shadows    
  • Cameras: How cameras resolve light and shadow     
  • Natural light: How to use and harness sunlight in outdoor situations
  • Practical Outdoor lighting control using reflectors and diffusers
  • Assignment lighting outdoor interview for documentary
  • Types of lights used in film and television work
  • Indoor lighting using fixtures, Lighting for on location and interviews
  • Lighting studio Interviews
  • Practical lighting 2 person interview. Assignment 2 person interview
  • Previewing of animated and live action films to develop and understanding of artistic license professionals are taking to tell their stories more effectively
  • Color correction in Final cut pro 7 using single and three way color corrector
  • New color correction approach in FCP X
  • Advanced color looks and methodologies in color
  • Similar approach in Black Magic DaVinci
  • Practical color correction of footage from assignments etc


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Reference Books