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Object Oriented Programming: Home

In Object Oriented Programming, computer programs are designed by making them out of objects that interact with one another

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Course Outline

  • Course Overview, Object Oriented Programming, Advantages of OOP, Objects and Classes, A simple class (theoretical), class variables and methods, scope (access specification) 
  • Review Objects , Tangible and Intangible Objects, Information Hiding, Encapsulation, Interface (Object Oriented Concepts Overview) Abstraction, A Simple Class, Class Components, Class Structure and comparison with struct in C++. Class member variables, and member functions, Simple Classes and objects, Object Manipulation.
  • Constructors, Destructors, Overloaded, Constructors Copy Constructors, Constructor Overloading. Copy Constructor, Shallow Copy,
  • Structures and Classes, Classes, Objects and Memory. Pointers and classes
    Destructors, Accessor Functions, This pointer, Friend Function, Static Function, Operators Overloading; ++, -- +,-,/,*
    <,<=, >, >=, ==, !=
    << , >>
  • Static Data Members, Member Functions, and Arrays of Objects with syntax in C++.Introduction to Java
    Java Coding Conventions, The Hello World Application public, private, protected access modifiers, Compiling and Running Hello World Control Flow Statements, The if statement, The switch Statement, For/While/do-while loops, Print statements
  • Command line arguments, Primitive Data Types, Arrays (one and two dimensional), Creating, Initializing, and Accessing an Array Operators, classes, methods, constructors, More than one class syntax, Methods Passing arguments to methods and returning values from methods.
    Methods Overloading
  • Constructors, Passing arguments to constructors, Constructors Overloading, Passing Objects as Parameters, Returning Objects, Instance variable hiding ("this" keyword), Garbage Collection, The finalize() method
    Console input. integer input, Data conversion
  • Inheritance, Derived Class and Base Class, Derived class constructors, Levels of Inheritance, Overriding, Multiple inheritance, introduction to Interfaces, Composition (aka aggregation)
  • Abstract data class, Public and private Inheritance, Static functions, Polymorphism and dynamic Binding
  • In the context of Inheritance: Static Variables and Methods, Final with variables, methods and classes this and super
  • Introduction to OO System analysis and Design, Use case, Class diagrams
  • Components :- Labels, TextField, TextArea, Button,Checkboxes and RadioButtons, Lists Layout Manager :- Flow Layout, Border Layout, Card Layout, Grid Layout, GridBag Layout, Introduction to javax.Swing (JButton, JTextField, JPanel, JFrame etc)
  • Java File I/O, Packages, Exception Handling
  • Finding and Working with Java API’S and Libraries. Multithreading (extends Thread, implements Runnable) Java.
    Javadoc, Jar files etc.

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