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Linear Algebra: Biomedical Linear Algebra (BS-221)

Linear Algebra is a branch of Mathematics which includes lines, planes and subspaces but it deals with properties of all common vector spaces

Course Outline

Methods for solution of algebraic linear equations. Scalar and vector quantities, Differentiation and integration of vector functions. Gradient, Divergence and Curl. Line integrals, Green‟s Theorem, Gauss, divergence theorem, Stokes‟ theorems

Ordinary Differential Equations: Formulations, Order, degree and linearity of differential equations. Complementary and particular solutions, initial and boundary value problems. Solution of Ordinary Linear
Differential Equations of First Order: Methods of solutions, Bernoulli‟s differential equations.
Linear Second Order Differential Equations: Characteristic equation and different types of it. Methods of solving homogeneous linear differential equations with constant coefficients. Particular solution by variation of parameter‟s method and solution by indeterminate coefficient method.

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