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Media and Social Responsibility: Course Outline (BMSC1T012)

This course is founded on the notion that students will be benefited increasingly if they are engage with practicality along with the theoretical aspect

Course Outline

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Concept of Responsibility
  3. Individual’s Responsibility: As a Viewer, Reader or Listener
  4. Concept of (شہادت حق ) testimony of truth     
  • The role of social responsibility in the context of media
  • Theory on Media’s Social Responsibility

5.  Its Origin & History

6.  Application of the Theory in Contemporary Media: Comparative analysis of Western Perspective and Islamic Perspective on       Social Responsibility

  •  Influences on Media Content from Individual Media Practitioners

7.  Practitioners’ Personal Traits & Experiences

8.  Practitioners’ Professional Background

9.  Professional Roles & Ethics: Discussion on how a true Muslim will affect Media content

  • Media Industry’s Responsibility
  1. Influence of Media Routines on Content: Discussion on the Role & Importance of    Messenger with special reference to the journalistic values
  • Producer and Developer of the Content (  اشاعت خیروشر)

11  Marketers  and Distributors  (براءی کی ترویج )

  • Corporate Social Responsibility         
  • Public Sector/Government’s Responsibility  
  • Media: Freedom and Policy Making

12. Freedom of Expression

13.  Transparency

14.  Equal Opportunity

15.  Protection and Justice

  •  Role of PEMRA

16.  Implementation of rules and regulations

17.  Issuance and refusal of licenses

18.  Standardization          

  • Judicial protection

19.  Implementation of Law

20.  Protecting people from corporate and governmental assault 

  •   Desensitizing human feelings

21.  Coverage of violence

22.  Tragedy and Human suffering

23.  Sexually explicit content: Violation of Islamic ethical principles in news reporting & entertainment content

24.  Satire as a tool, Intersection of Politics and Comedy

25.  Case study Hasb E Hall (حسب حال)

26.  Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain (ہم سب امید سے ہیں)

27.  Man show    Violation of Islamic ethical principles in Satirical programs

  • Distorting Religious Image

28.  Istakhra Online (استخارہ)

29. Ramadan Programming

30. Alim Online عالم         

  • IslamophobiaVs Racial profiling

31.  Stereotypes    

  • Role of Academia
  1. Curriculum Development
  2. Media as a Watchdog            


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