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Electrical Machines: Course Outline

Objectives: Covers fundamental aspects of Electrical Machines.

Course Outline

Introduction to Electrical Machinery Principles:

  • Magnetic Field and Circuits
  • Magnetization curves Characteristics of hard and soft magnetic materials
  • losses


  • Ideal Transformer
  • Single Phase transformer:
  • Operation and Equivalent Circuit
  • auto-transformer

DC Machinery fundamentals:

  • Basics
  • loop rotating between pole faces
  • Commutation
  • Windings
  • Armature reaction
  • Induced Voltage and torque equation
  • Power flow and losses
  • Types of DC motors
  • Permanent magnet DC motors

AC Machinery fundamentals:

  • Rotating Magnetic Field
  • Magneto motive force and flux distribution
  • Induced Voltage and Torque, Windings
  • Power Flow and Losses
  • Introduction to Induction Machines

Special Purpose Motors:

  • Introduction to Single phase Induction Motors
  • Switched Reluctance motors
  • Hysteresis motors
  • Stepper
  • brushless DC motors.

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