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Media and Social Values: Course Outline

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Course Outline

  1. Concepts and Definitions
  2. Nature of good in human conduct
  3. Integrity and morals
  4. Impulses and habits
  5. Our dependence on the Media
  6. The extent of media influence on human behavior    
  7. Fundamental Human Values 
  8. Religious Values
  9. Religious Values vs. basic human values
  10. Media and the core religious values
  11. How to do it right? Discussion on how media is representing religious values
  12. Nationalistic Values
  13. Types of Nationalism
  14. Constituents of our Nationalistic Values
  15. Examples/Case Studies of countries lifting and boosting their nationalistic values through media
  16. Identifying and Analyzing elements worth discussing regarding Nation’s ideology, goals, and direction including religion, culture, ethnicity, history, political setup, economics etc      
  17. Religion & Television in Indonesia
  18. Case study of Nationalism in Brazil
  19. Cultural Values
  20. Nationalistic Values vs. Cultural Values
  21. Religious Values vs. Cultural Values       
  22. Philosophical debates on Social Values
  23. Need for a Moral Language
  24. Liberal Regulation perspective
  25. Liberalism and corrosion of the tradition
  26. A Regulatory Via Media 
  27. Issues of Media Practices and how to make a difference
  28. Commercialization
  29. Sensationalism
  30. Disrespect/humiliation
  31. Disorientation
  32. Selfishness media Desensitization on different issues – Crime, sex, terrorism, satire etc
  33. Media’s Role in Creating and (Re)Enforcing the following values
  34. Allah’s Supremacy
  35. Huquqwa al faraid
  36. Birr (righteousness and good)
  37. Equality & dignity of mankind