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Linear Circuit Analysis: Course outline

Course outline

  • Electric quantities
  • Electric signals
  • Electric circuits
  • Kirchoff's laws

Circuit elements:

  • Resistance
  • Series parallel combination
  • Voltage and current dividers
  • Resistive bridges and ladders
  • Practical sources and loading

Instrumentation and measurement.

  • Nodal analysis
  • Loop analysis
  • Linearity and superposition
  • Source transformation
  • One ports
  • Circuit theorems

Power calculations.

  • Dependent sources
  • Circuit analysis with dependent sources
  • Ideal transformer
  • Amplifiers.
  • The operational amplifier
  • Basic op-amp configurations
  • Ideal op-amp circuit analysis
  • Summing and difference amplifiers

Amplifier types.

  • Capacitance
  • Inductance
  • Natural response of RC and RL circuits

Response to DC forcing function.

  • Transient response of first order circuits
  • Step
  • Pulse and pulse train responses

First order op-amp circuits.

  • Transient response and step response of second order circuits.

AC fundamentals.

  • RMS or effective
  • Average and maximum values of current & voltage for sinusoidal signal wave forms

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