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Software Project Management: Course Outline

Goal of this course is to provide the student with principles, processes and practices associated with the management of software intensive projects


  • Examining the big picture of software project management
  • Initiating the software Project 
  • Identifying project purpose,        
  • Living with stakeholders, project feasibility study
  • Understanding Product Scope and Project Scope, Managing Stakeholder Objectives, Creating the Project Scope, Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
  • The Importance of Communicating Effectively, Avoiding Communication Breakdowns, Calculating the Communication Channels, Building an Effective Communication Management Plan, Defining Who Needs What Information, Defining When Communication Is Needed
  • Identifying Pure and Business Risks, Determining Stakeholder Risk Tolerance, Mitigating Risks Early On, Managing Risks in Your Organization, Using Software Models for Risk Management, Preparing a Risk Response Plan
  • Organizing Information Before You Build a Timeline, Project network diagram, Identifying Activity Influencers
  • Defining Quality, Working with a Quality Policy, Balancing Time, Cost, and Quality
  • Creating Cost Estimates, Creating an Accurate Estimate, Considering Project Profitability, Planning for Contingencies,  Controlling Project Costs
  • Project Human Resource Management: Acquire Project Team, Develop Project Team, Manage Project Team
  • Procurement Management: Vendor Selection, Using Screening System, Negotiating for the best solution, Administering Contracts
  • Change Management: Introducing the Controlling Process Group, Controlling the Project Scope, Controlling Project Costs,  Controlling the Project Schedule
  • Finalizing Project management, closing the software project, closing out contracts.  
  • Project Presentations
  • Mega Topic Presentations

E-Books (Full text)