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Hadith and Seerah II: Home

To familiarize the students with the status and authoritative position of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). and to build up the information in Hadith and Seerah perspective.

Course Objective

a) Knowledge:

  1. To understand the science of Seerah
  2. To describe the methods for preservation and transference adopted by Muslim scholars.
  3. To have sufficient knowledge on the life of the Holy Prophet (SAW).
  4. To inculcate the true spirit of Islam through selected textual study. 

b) Skills:

  1. To develop the reading skill for Arabic text of Hadith.
  2. To create the positive and critical thinking.
  3. To enable the students to seek and utilize the basic sources of Shariah.

c) Attitude/Behaviour:

  1. To develop a personality under the influence of moral teachings.
  2. To follow the exemplary pattern of Holy Prophet’s (SAW) seerah in every aspect of life.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the Seerah of Prophet (SAWW) and its importance.
  • Through deep study and awareness from the life and living of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) students will live their life according to sunnat Nabwi (SAWW) inshaALLAH
  • After study of the life of Prophet (SAWW) students can easily follow it and will make an Islamic environment in their homes as well as in the society.

Deputy Director

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