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Formulation & Product Development: Formulation & Product Development

Course Outline

  1. Biotechnological aspect of product development. Concepts and Techniques
  2. Radiopharmaceutical formulation techniques, Q.C. instrumentation and application in health care system.
  3. Optimization Techniques in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Processing.
  4. Granulation Technology.
  5. Quality Control and GMP Compliance in Pharmaceutical Industry. Importance of design/layout of pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Precaution in handling/storage and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products containing anti-biotics.
  7. Safety tests in Pharmaceutical Preparations.
  8. Stability testing.
  9. Validation of sterilization procedure.
  10. Calibration and Validation of instruments/equipments used in testing and manufacturing of drugs.
  11. Time and Motion Study.

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