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Islam and Quranic Studies: Course Outline

This course is founded on the notion that students will be benefited increasingly if they are engage with practicality along with the theoretical aspects.

Course Outline

Course content

  • Introduction to Quranic Studies
  • Basic concepts of Quran
  • Study of Selected Text of Holy Quran
  • Verses of Surah Al Baqra Related to faith (verses: 284-286)
  • Verses of Surah Al Hujrat Related to Adab Al Nabi (verses: 1-18)
  • Verse of Surah Al Mumnoon Related to Characteristics of faithful (verses: 1-11)
  • Verse of Surah Al Furqan Related to social Ethics (verses: 63-77)
  • Verse of Surah Al Inam Related Ihkam (verses: 152-154)
  • Verse of Surah Al Ihzab Related to Adab Al Nabi (verses: 6-21-40-56-57-58)
  • Verse of Surah Al Hashar (18-19-20) Related to thinking. Day of Judgment 
  • Verse of Surah Al Saf  Related to Tafakar ,Tadabar (verses: 1-14)  
  • Seerat of Holy Prophet(SAWW)-1
  • Life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) in Makah
  • Life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) in Madina
  • Important events of life of the Holy Prophet
  • Basic Concept of Hadith
  • History of Hadith
  • Kinds of Hadith
  • Legal Position of Sunnah
  • Selected study from Text of Hadith  
  • Islamic Economic Systems
  • Basic concepts of Islamic economic system
  • Means of distribution of wealth in Islamic Economics
  • Islamic Concepts of Riba
  • Islamic way to Trade & Commerce   
  • Political System of Islam
  • Islamic system of Sovereignty
  • Basic institution of Govt. in Islam     
  • Basic concepts of Social System of Islam
  • Ethical Values in Islam


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