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Islam and Quranic Studies: Course Outline (BMSC1T011)

This course is founded on the notion that students will be benefited increasingly if they are engage with practicality along with the theoretical aspects.

Course Outline

Course content

  • Introduction to Quranic Studies
  • Basic concepts of Quran
  • Study of Selected Text of Holy Quran
  • Verses of Surah Al Baqra Related to faith (verses: 284-286)
  • Verses of Surah Al Hujrat Related to Adab Al Nabi (verses: 1-18)
  • Verse of Surah Al Mumnoon Related to Characteristics of faithful (verses: 1-11)
  • Verse of Surah Al Furqan Related to social Ethics (verses: 63-77)
  • Verse of Surah Al Inam Related Ihkam (verses: 152-154)
  • Verse of Surah Al Ihzab Related to Adab Al Nabi (verses: 6-21-40-56-57-58)
  • Verse of Surah Al Hashar (18-19-20) Related to thinking. Day of Judgment 
  • Verse of Surah Al Saf  Related to Tafakar ,Tadabar (verses: 1-14)  
  • Seerat of Holy Prophet(SAWW)-1
  • Life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) in Makah
  • Life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) in Madina
  • Important events of life of the Holy Prophet
  • Basic Concept of Hadith
  • History of Hadith
  • Kinds of Hadith
  • Legal Position of Sunnah
  • Selected study from Text of Hadith  
  • Islamic Economic Systems
  • Basic concepts of Islamic economic system
  • Means of distribution of wealth in Islamic Economics
  • Islamic Concepts of Riba
  • Islamic way to Trade & Commerce   
  • Political System of Islam
  • Islamic system of Sovereignty
  • Basic institution of Govt. in Islam     
  • Basic concepts of Social System of Islam
  • Ethical Values in Islam


Text Books

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