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Communication Skills: Course Outline

Communication skills is all about being able to convey information to people clearly and simply, in a way that means things are understood and get done.


Introduction to Communication Skills 

Vitals of Communication, Types of Communication, Verbal and Non-verbal communication, Why professionals need effective communication skills? Piecemeal strategies to develop effective communication, Four Skills in Communication, How to apply seven 7cs in communication? 

Effective Reading: How to get maximum out of your reading?

How could a reader get maximum out of his reading? Reading Strategies: Skimming, Scanning, Implied Meaning, Inference, Reading the lines, Reading between the lines, Reading beyond the lines/Critical Reading, Extensive vs Intensive reading, Text and context, Guessing meaning from the text, Latin, German, French and Greek roots in English words and their meanings, Vocabulary and reading Speed Reading with full comprehension, Who is an expert reader and what makes him so?, How to develop writing skills through reading?  

Vocabulary Development 

Need and Significance of  vocabulary, Techniques and Strategies to develop sound vocabulary, Isolated words vs phrases and clauses, Synonyms and Antonyms, Effective use of dictionary and thesaurus  ‚Äč

Effective Listening Skills

How can best develop listening skills? Effective strategies and techniques, Listening to the digital books, speeches, documentaries, conversations and debates conducted by the native speakers

Phonetics and Phonology      

Significance of correct pronunciation, Accent and Pronunciation, Vowels, Consonants and Diphthongs, Places and Manners of articulation, English Sounds, Stress, Intonation, Assimilation, Elision, Phonetic Symbols, Mechanical and Meaningful Drilling, Tongue Twisters   

Public Speaking 

Public Speaking in English: Why and How? Strategies to improve speaking  

Communicating Effectively in Job Interviews

Key Communication Skill for an Effective Job Interview, How to introduce yourself, Appropriacy of language, General Questions and their appropriate answers, Some essential phrases and language expressions and related vocabulary for job interview.  

Oral Interaction: Dialogues and Conversation Skills

Dialogue: A Springboard for Learning New Vocabulary And Sentence Structures, Useful phrases in dialogues and conversation 

Effective Writing Skills  

Strategies to improve general writing skills, sentence construction, writing an effective paragraph

Group Presentations

E-Books (Full Text)