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Islamic Ethical Principles & Contemporary Issues: Course Outline (BMSC1TO10)

This course is founded on the notion that students will be benefited increasingly if they are engage with practicality along with the theoretical aspects

Course Contents

  • Tajweed
  • Arabic Alphabets
  • Symbol of Waqf
  • Recitation of Qur’an (Last ten Surahs)          
  • Religion (Introduction, Importance, Significance)
  • Introduction to fundamentals of Islam
  • Tawhid, Risalat, Akhirat, Pillars of Islam, Concept of Ibadah: Salat (Prayer), Saum (Fasting), Zakat, Hajj, Jihad
  • Civilization (Definition, Introduction of different civilizations)
  • Islamic Civilization (Definition and scope): Historical background, Basic elements of Islamic civilization, Characteristics of Islamic Civilization, Climax of Islamic Civilization (Madinah state, Period of four Caliphs)
  • Universal effects of Islamic civilization, Rise and fall of Islamic civilization
  • Theory of clash of civilizations,
  • A comparative study of Islamic and Western civilization     

Islam in Modern age, Modernity and religion, Independence and development, Islam and secularism, Islam and nationalism, Islam and democracy, Islam and capitalism, Islam and socialism (Communism), Human rights and Islam, Islam and Science, Islam and Globalization, Islamic System of life, Social System of Islam, Educational System of Islam, Economics System of Islam, Political System of Islam, Ethical System of Islam

Recommended Books