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Evidence Based Practice in Rehabilitation: Course Outlines

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction and course overview including; what is EBM/EBP, the importance of EBP (Evidence based practice) and introduction to evidenced based practice in physical therapy
  2. Development Of evidence-Based Knowledge
  3. How to be evidence based practitioner
  4. Outcomes in evidence-based practice
  5. Searching for the evidence
  6. Evaluating the evidence
  7. Systematically Reviewing the Evidence
  8. The Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral interventions with people with chronic pain. Examples of critical reviews of the literature
  9. Evaluating the Evidence (Economic Analysis).
  10. Building Evidence in Practice
  11. Practice Guidelines, Algorithms, and Clinical Pathways
  12. Communicating Evidence to clients, Managers, and funders
  13. Health Care Delivery of Rehabilitation Services for acute post acute stroke.
  14. Outcome Measures Rating Form design
  15. Critical Review Form for the Quantitative Studies
  16. Guidelines for Critical Review Form (Quantitative Studies)
  17. Guidelines for Critical Review Form (Qualitative Studies)

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