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Community Medicine (Rehabilitation): Course Outline

A branch of medicine dealing with health care issues affecting communities as a whole.

Course Outline

  1. History of community medicine        
  2. Definition, concept of health &illness of  diseases
  3. Natural history of diseases, levels & prevention
  4. Sociology, its relation to health &
  5. Diseases, social institution, role of
  6. Family in health & diseases. Role of 
  7. Cultural  section in health, diseases & group
  8. Dynamics
  9. Psychological aspects  in diseases &  
  10. Health, role  of individual,  family and society
  11. Environmental sanitation &   
  12. Medical entomology water waste disposal
  13. Environmental problems & pollution genetics
  14. Prevention  of genetic diseases
  15. Genetic  counseling                                            
  16. General epidemiology
  17. Descriptive epidemiology

Recommended Books