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Learning Disabilities: Course Outline (SLPLD712)

Learning disability is a condition giving rise to learning difficulties, especially when not associated with physical disability.

Course Content

Week 01          Main objectives, definition, historical perspectives

Week 02          Medical and social perspectives, classification of learning disabilities

Week 03          Causes and types of learning disabilities

Week 04          Exercise/ class room act of different learning disabilities

Week 05          Assessment and scoring of learning disabilities

Week 06          ADHD, Associative disorders

Week 07          Causes of ADHD

Week 09          Diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, behavioural approaches related to ADHD


Week 09          Definition, causes, risk factors

Week 10          Prevalence, assessment of ADHD

Week 11          Relevant tests for ADHD, treatment methodologies


Week 12          Definition, signs and symptoms

Week 13          Causes and types of writing disabilities

Week 14          Treatment methodologies for writing disabilities


Week 15          Psychological aspects of learning disabilities, work stress

Week 16          Psychosocial aspects, impact of learning disabilities on work