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Survival Analysis: Course Outline

Estimate the (grouped or smoothed) instantaneous mortality or hazard rate. Compare two or more survival curves using a log-rank or related test.

Course Outline

  • Survival data. 
  • Censoring.
  • Covariates. 
  • Basic distribution theory. 
  • Survival function.
  • Hazard function.
  • Special distributions. 
  • Exponential.
  • Extreme value. 
  • Weibull.
  • Gamma and log logistic distributions with special reference to survival analysis. 
  • ML inference for parametric model with single sample.
  • Non-Parametric estimation of survival function.
  • Life table method.
  • Product-limit method. 
  • Diagnostic plots.
  • K-sample non-parametric tests. 
  • Modeling dependence on covariates. 
  • Proportional hazard model.
  • Weibull model.
  • Accelerated life models. 
  • Log logistic model.
  • Graphical methods for checking models. 
  • Inference for semi-parametric proportional hazards model.  
  • Time-dependent covariates.
  • Grouped survival times.
  • Several types of failure.

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