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Anesthesia (MBBS): Course Outline

Insensitivity to pain, especially as artificially induced by the administration of gases or the injection of drugs before surgical operations

Course Outline


  1. Pre-operative assessment of patients and pre-medication
  2. Local Anaesthesia
  3. Local Anaesthetic agents (Pharmacology) o Regional Anaesthesia (Spinal and Epidural)  Intravenous Anaesthetic agents
  4. Muscle Relaxants
  5. Inhalational Anaesthetic agents
  6. Complications of Anaesthesia.
  7. Perioperative Management.
  8. Recovery from Anaesthesia.
  9. Pain Management and postoperative care.
  10. ICU Monitoring

 Log book: 

  1. Pre-Operative assessment of the patient.
  2. I/V Cannulation and Intra-operative fluid Management.
  3. Induction of General Anaesthesia and Tracheal Intubation.
  4. Demonstration of Spinal Block.
  5. Demonstration of Epidural Block.
  6. Demonstration of Local Blocks in Eye, ENT and General Surgery.
  7. Demonstration of CPR.
  8. Post-Operative Care/Pain Management.
  9. Introduction to the ICU.
  10. Demonstration of Anaesthesia Machine and other instruments
  11. Demonstration of Sterilization procedures in O.T and ICU.
  12. Demonstration of Vital Sign Monitors and their application.

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