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Media Laws and Ethics: Course Outline

The students with the knowledge of the ethical norms that are required to be followed in the pursuit of professional duties by the working journalists and media institutions

Course Contents

  • Why Society needs system of Ethics, requirements of system of ethics; Significance of Study of Ethics and its applicability;Objectives of Ethics Education in Media.     
  • Social Responsibility Theory: Evolution of Code of Ethics and Factors which contributed to its development; First Code of Ethics drawn up by American Society of Newspapers Editors.    
  • Hutchinson Commission Report; Moral reasoning process for Ethical Decisions;Factors affecting moral decision making.
  • Theoretical  Approaches To Understanding Ethical Decisions ; Code Of Professional Standards (PR Practitioners Association )
  • Freedom of Expression as guaranteed in UN Human Rights Charter ; International Watch-dogs of Media Freedom
  • UNESCO principles of freedom of media ;European Council ; Human Rights Watch; Amnesty International           
  • International Federation of Journalists, its role in safeguarding media freedom and code of ethics adopted by it. Code of Ethics adopted by Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors           
  • Need for Media Regulation ; Media Government Relations
  • Modes of  Media Regulation ( Constitution , International obligations, laws and administrative policies) 
  • Self RegulationTools of Self Regulation ( professional ethics ,institutional ethics, Ombudsman and News/Press Councils)
  • Australian Press Council ; Pakistan Press Council Ordinance 2002               
  • Media in Pakistan, its development since partition, Press Commission Report.

  • Media Regulation in Pakistan; Press and Publications Ordinance 1960: West Pakistan Press and Publications Ordinance 1963 Why it was called black law ?

  • Promulgation of Press and Publication Ordinance 1989 and role of media bodies such as APNS ,CPNE and PFUJ in its enactment         
  • Press, Newspaper ,News Agencies and Books Regulation Ordinance 2002 ;
  • Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002
  • Electronic Media in Pakistan; Pakistan Broadcasting Act 1973 ; Memorandum of Pakistan Television ; Role of Radio and PTV in national integration.
  • Administrative policies for regulation of Media, press advice, centralization of government advertisement; Audit Bureau of Circulation; News Print Quota ; Role of Agencies.        
  • Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Ordinance 2002; its impact and future of electronic media in Pakistan.              

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