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Haematology (MBBS): Course Outline

Haematology is the study of the morphology and physiology of blood. The haematology laboratory set in a healthcare setting is concerned with the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs.

Course Outline


  1. Study of the microscope
  2. Determination of:
  3. Haemoglobin (Hb%)
  4. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
  5. Packed Cell volume (PCV)/Haematocrit
  6. Bleeding Time (BT)
  7. Clotting Time (CT)
  8. Blood groups
  9. Study of the Neubauer chamber
  10. RBC count
  11. Red cell indices
  12. Osmotic fragility of RBCs
  13. Platelet count
  14. WBC count
  15. Differential Leucocyte Count (DLC)
  16. Demonstration of prothrombin time and thrombin time
  18. Clinical examination of chest
  19. Measurement of pulmonary volumes and capacities (Spirometry)
  20. Auscultation

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