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Speech Disorder-I: Home

Speech disorders or speech impediments are a type of communication disorder where 'normal' speech is disrupted. This can mean stuttering, lisps, etc.

Course Goals

  • To produce specialized professionals who are aware of basic anatomy and physiology of human body.
  • To enable the students understand the basic concepts of fluency, its types and theories and treatment procedures.
  • To give detail outline of articulation disorders and treatment procedures.
  • Learn about the impact that diseases have on speaking, using language and communication.

Course Description

This course is designed to gain professional skill of diagnosing and treating speech disorders like stammering, cluttering and articulation deficits. In detail description of normal speech mechanism and the points of deviation will be discussed in detail.  Soundly based effective therapy skill will be developed which comprises on the amalgam of watching, listening, analyzing and synthesizing the speech of patient with speech disorder. To provide successful therapy a network of anatomic, neurological, cultural, developmental and environmental cues need to be understood completely therefore students will be imparted theoretical knowledge and practical skill as professional.

About Rehabilitation Sciences

The Riphah College of Rehabilitation Science (RCRS) was established in 2007 under the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FHMS) of Riphah International University with the aim to produce graduates of Physical Therapy and other Rehabilitation Professions in Pakistan according to international standards. Riphah is the pioneer institute in the Entry level Doctor of physical therapy program (DPT) and Post Professional Doctor of Physical therapy program (PP-DPT) in Pakistan (Equivalency of 18 years of schooling/M.Phil as per HEC criteria).The College has the largest and highly qualified faculty of physical therapy. This is the only institute which has foreign qualified faculty (UK & USA). 

The college has two campuses, Islamabad and Lahore. The college also has great contribution for the uplifting of rehabilitation sciences professions by enhancing the knowledge and skills of the practicing clinicians. The college has a leading role by developing uniform DPT curriculum in the country. 

The Director of the College was nominated as secretary of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) national curriculum revision committee (NCRC)

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