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Development Support Communication: Course Outline (MMPO3T036)

This course provides an overview of the important phenomena of Development Communication. In general, the course will interpret and analyze the role of mass media in highlighting social development in the society

Course Contents

The need for development communication;

Basic Concept: Promotion of development:

Development, as process & Goal

Sociology of development,

  • Extension Communication and Development Communication
  • Development Journalism and Development Communication
  • Development Communication and Development Support Communication

Development Communication and Social Change

  • The concept of change
  • Level of change
  • Sources of change
  • The role of opinion leader
  • The Communication channels
  • Factors influencing change
  • Obstacles to change
  • Reducing resistance to change
  • Diffusion of innovations

Planning Development Communication campaign

  • Concept of campaign i.e. Health, Literacy, Sanitation etc.
  • Advantages of campaign
  • Creating the plan
  • Stages
  • Techniques of campaign
  • Using Slogans
  • Selecting media and method

Prospects and Challenges of Development Communication in Pakistan

  • Financial problems
  • Lack of education and training
  • Control over media
  • Political problems
  • Economic Problems
  • Administrative problems
  • Media Sociology
  • Case Studies: work on developing a communication strategy. Making a development project of students’ own choice.

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