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Gender Health care Physical Therapy: Course Outline

The state of being male or female typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones

Course Outline

  1. Overview & Participant Introductions
  2. Gender Based Health Care in Physical Therapy and Medicine
  3. Sex and Gender Differences and pain management in physical therapy
  4. Sex and Gender Differences: Use and Response to Medications
  5. Sex and Gender Differences: Musculoskeletal System
  6. Sex and Gender Differences: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems
  7. Sex and Gender Differences: Psychosocial Aspects of Health
  8. Sex and Gender Differences: Urogenital, Gastrointestinal & 
    Endocrine Systems
  9. How to Address Benign Hyper-mobility Syndrome
  10. What is a female triad and how female athlete triad could be prevented
  11. Physical Therapy management for chronic Pelvic Pain
  12. Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain and physical therapy management
  13. Pregnancy Related Incontinence and physical therapy management

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