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Applications of polymers in Pharmacy: Course Outline (908)

Polymers are being used extensively in pharmaceutical formulations. The choice of polymer depends on its intended purpose in the dosage form.

Course Outline





Polymer degradation mechanism

Copolymerization and their applications in Pharmacy

Thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers

Natural polymers

Non-biodegradable polymers and biodegradable polymers

Mucoadhesive polymers polymer–supported reactions versus solution-phase reactions

Automated synthesis the breakthrough point

Synthesis of polypeptides polynucleotide

Combinatorial chemistryprincipals


Drug design and methodology

Polymers in controlled drug delivery

Introduction to synthetic polymers

Conventional vs controlled release

Advantages and disadvantages

Pharmacokinetic consideration

Polymer as drug carrier

Monolithic matrix controlled systems drug dissolution/diffusion controlled system constant activity reservoir

Unsteady state analysis (time-lag and burst effect)

Drug release from multilayer membrane devices

Drug release from matrix system swelling controlled systems hydrogels

Polymer degradation and erosion

Erosion/drug diffusion controlled swelling/erosion controlled

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