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Drama Production: Course Outline (BMSO1C042)

This course is designed to provide students with the tools to understand the construction of the drama screen work.

Course outline

  • Drama – Definition, origin – History
  • Aristotle’s poetics - 6 elements of drama
  • Drama development in different cultures
  • Roman/Japanese/Chinese/Indian/Islamic
  • The dramatic structure of 8 steps
  • Distribution of information through characters - Setup and pay-off
  • Aesthetic movements in the 20th century
  • Naturalism – Realism – Expressionism – Dadaism – Surrealism – Absurdism – Postmodernism
  • What makes a strong screen drama idea? The screenwriter’s toolbox
  • Story and dramatic structure - Pattern, paradigm and approaches to script planning
  • Characters and dramatic conflict through crisis to climax, through resolution
  • Creating interesting and effective characters – character types, 3-dimensional characters
  • Short film as a genre
  • Make psychology visual
  • Scene and shot divisioning
  • Tips for producing a successful play – 1
  • Tips for producing a successful play – 2

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