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Makeup for Film and Television: Course Outline

The course will introduce students to the importance of makeup application during a film shoot.

Course Contents

  • First day Session
  • Introduction to Makeup
  • Artistic representation
  • Film make-up
  • Television make-up
  • Stage and theatrical make-up
  • Cosmetic science
  • Cosmetic legislation
  • Visual and aesthetic studies
  • Historical studies
  • Second day Session
    • Makeup Artistry for Film and Television
    • Character Research
  • Fashion styling
  • Body art
  • Hairstyling
  • Wig making
  • Plaster casting
  • Prosthetics
  • Third day Session
    • The Effects of Color and Skin Tone on Film
    • Special Effects
    • Media make-up
    • Live performance make-up
    • Character make-up
    • Pastiche fitting and styling
    • Health and safety
    • Product sourcing
    • Professional studies
    • Costume making

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