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Personality Development: Course Outline

This course deals with the dynamics of personality development and then proceeds to guide students in comparing themselves to the ideal so that they will become more aware of their personality handicaps.

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Course Content

1.  What Makes A Winning Personality

  • A. Personality Defined
  • B. Determinants of Personality
  • C. How Personality is Developed
  • D. Corporate Theories on Personality Development
  • E. The Development Process
  • F. What Makes A Winner

2. Building Self – Esteem and Self – Confidence

  • A. Indicators of a Positive Self – Image
  • B. Indicators of a Negative Self – Image
  • C. The Development of Self – Image and Self – Esteem
  • D. Self – Esteem and Maladjustment
  • E. Behavioral Manifestations of Wounded ness
  • F. Therapy for Wholeness and Wholesome Self – Esteem

3. Projecting A Positive Social Image

  • A. Social Image Defined
  • B. Looking Great and Attractive
  • C. Dressing and Make – up
  • D. Hair Care and Inner Glow
  • E. Poise and Posture
  • F. Eye Contact and body Language
  • G. Physical Fitness
  • H. Projecting a Professional Image
  • I. Social Graces and Table Manners
  • J. Manners in Conversations
  • K. Getting Acquainted – Behavior in Introductions
  • L. Projecting an Image of a Real Lady
  • M. Projecting an Image of a Perfect Gentleman

4. Developing a Win – Win Attitude

  • A. Various Life Scripts and Emotional Programs
  • B. Characteristics of the Five Life Scripts
  • C. Fruits of a Win – Win Attitude
  • D. Differentiating Assertive from Aggressive and Passive Behavior
  • E. Developing an “ I’m Ok , You’re Ok “ Program
  • F. Making Others Feel Good about Themselves
  • G. Positive Strokes
  • H. The Magic of Affirmations
  • I. Therapies for Developing a “ You are Ok “ Script
  • J. Forgiveness as Part of the Healing Process
  • K. Maximizing People Tolerance

5. Becoming a Pro – Active and Responsible Adult

  • A. Ego States and Personality
  • B. Characteristics of the Three Ego States
  • C. What is Your Ego State ?
  • D. Contamination of the Ego States
  • E. Constant Parent , Adult and Child
  • F. Types of Transactions
  • G. Making The Adult Computer Work for You
  • H. Psychological Games
  • I. Coping with Persecutors
  • J. Difference Between Reactive and Pro – active Response
  • K. Learning to Accept Responsibility for One’s Actions

Capital Markets: Stock exchanges and their functioning, role of Security Exchange

Commission of Pakistan (SECP), stock index, and foreign portfolio investment

  • L. Learning from One’s Mistakes
  • M. Putting Order in One’s Life
  • N. Discipline in Problem Solving


Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, the students should be able to:

  • 1. Describe a winning , pleasing personality and the winning qualities .
  • 2. Explain how self – image affects one’s feelings, attitudes and behavior.
  • 3. Discover appropriate ways for becoming physically fit so as to stay young and healthy
  • 4. Understand the consequences and cause of having win – lose or lose win attitudes and relationships .Demonstrate effective ways of coping with difficult people who resemble persecutors in a psychological game.
  • 5. Identify the behavioral manifestations of self discipline.