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Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorder: Course Outline

Neurogenic speech disorders are defined as an inability to exchange information with others due to nervous system impairment

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to speech motor control
  2. Speech motor control
  3. Speech motor development
  4. Neuroimaging
  5. Muscles and motor control
  6. Review of neural basis site of lesion
  7. Detailed motor speech clinical assessment
  8. Flaccid dysarthria
  9. Ataxic dysarthria
  10. Spastic dysarthria
  11. Hypokinetic dysarthria
  12. Hyperkinetic dysarthria
  13. Mixed dysarthria
  14. UMN lesion and dysarthria
  15. LMN lesion and dysarthria
  16. Developing profile
  17. Apraxia of speech
  18. Treatment of dysarthria
  19. Treating specific subtype of dysarthria
  20. Treating Apraxia of speech

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