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Manual Therapy(History and Concepts): Course Outline (MSHC-753)

Manual therapy is defined as the skilled passive movement of joints (joint mobilization/manipulation) and soft tissues (soft tissue mobilization/specific localized massage).

Course Outline

Manual Therapy(History and Concepts)

1. History of Manual Therapy:

  • Introduction
  • Folk Medicine
  • Professional Bone setters
  • Osteopathy
  • Chiropractic

2. Chiropractic versus Physical Therapy:

  • Introduction
  • Differences

3. Development of Manual Therapy in different parts of the globe:

  • The development of manual therapy in Norway
  • The development of manual therapy in Australia
  • The appearance of International manual therapy organizations
  • Introduction of manual therapy in the united  States

4. Different concepts in manual therapy:

  • Kaltonborn concept
  • Maitland concept
  • Mechanize approach
  • Ola Grimsby approach

5. Modern manual Therapy:

  • Introduction
  • Techniques
  • Evidence based practice


Course Outline

6. Manual Techniques used by Physical Therapists:

  • Soft tissue mobilization techniques
  • Joint mobilization techniques
  • Manipulation techniques
  • Exercises Therapy

7. Principles of Manual Therapy:

  • Rules for motion in concave and convex joints
  • Basic Manual Therapy treatment rules
  • Basic Mobilization techniques

8. Terminology in Biomechanics:

  • Statics
  • Dynamics
  • Kinematics

9. Osteokinematics:

  • Longitudinal axcess
  • Mechanical axis
  • Circumdution
  • Rotation
  • Swing
  • Spin
  • Impure swing
  • Adjunct rotation

10. Arthrokinematics:

  • Translatoric(linear) motion
  • Cardinal swing
  • Arcuate swing
  • Conjunct rotation
  • Summary of spine and rotation movements

11. Positions of Joints:

  • The closed packed position
  • The loose packed position
  • The Position of reference

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