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Structural elucidation and analysis of drugs: Course Outline (905)

This course enables students to develop and further their knowledge of pharmaceutical analysis. They will study the complexities of organic synthesis, synthesis of biologically important molecules and develop concepts of analytical chemistry.

Course Outline

UV and IR spectroscopy

Study of UV and IR spectra of drug molecules

Mass spectrophotometery

  • Introduction
  • Recent developments in the instrumentation interpretation of mass spectra
  • Correlation of spectra with molecular structure
  • Applications of spectroscopy in pharmacy

13C and 1H-NMR spectroscopy

  • Introduction
  • Basic principles and theory
  • Quantum description
  • Classical description
  • Instrumentation
  • Applications of NMR spectroscopy in pharmacy
  • Study of 13C AND 1H NMR spectra of drug compounds
  • Extensive practice in problems solving