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Drama Production- Independent Project: Course Outline (BMSO1P143)

This course is designed to provide students the tools of creating the drama screen work.

Course Contents

  • The art of story telling
  • Selection of stories; stories containing dramatic elements
  • Dramaturgy of the screen
  • Adaptation; the art of converting a written story into a dramatic script
  • Visualization; TV being a visual medium all stories are to be visualized
  • Writing/ choosing script for TV drama  Scene Division  Shot division
  • Auditioning Acting methods
  • Miser en scene; the importance of different elements of narratives in a scene
  • Importance of Ambiance and sound effects in TV drama
  • Scene interpretation Drama Production styles
  • Budgeting
  • Selection of Location/ sets
  • Logistics involved in actual shooting
  • Dramatic editing/ pace
  • Background music
  • Credits and show packaging
  • Production of promotional tailors
  • Production day
  • Production day
  • Editing 
  • Editing & Completion     

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