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Specialized Drug Delivery Systems (Ph.D): Course Outline

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Course Outline

  1. Overview of drug delivery system designing.
  2. Design Principle for the Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems.
  3. Biological and Physicochemical Factors affecting Design and Performance of
  4. Controlled Release dosage forms.Designing of C of Controlled release Formulations,
  5. Release mechanism of Drugs from Controlled Release Dosage Forms.
  6. Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutical evaluation. Polymers used in controlled release drug delivery system.
  7. Mucosal Drug Delivery System: Buccal, Nasal, Pulmonary, Rectal and Ocular drug Delivery Systems.
  8. Transdermal drug delivery systems.  Disperse systems – Specialized Pharmaceutical emulsions. 

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