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Radiopharmaceuticals (Ph,D): Course Outline

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals.
  2. Ideal Characteristics of the Radiopharmaceuticals.
  3. Modes of the Radioactive Decay.Radiation dose and exposure.
  4. Instruments for Radiation Detection and Measurement.Principles of Radiation Protection.
  5. Production of Radionuclides-Productions using Nuclear Reactors,
  6. Cyclotrons and Radionuclide Generator System.Production of Radiopharmaceuticals and Methods of Radiolabeling.
  7. Design of Manufacturing sites, production processes and production equipment.Sterilization,
  8. Labeling and Packagingof Radiopharmaceuticals.Validation and Stability aspects of Radiopharmaceuticals.
  9. Quality Control of Radiopharmaceuticals – Physicochemical and Biological Tests.
  10. Molecular imaging, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Radiopharmaceuticals.
  11. Adverse reactions of Radiopharmaceuticals.