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Guidance and Counselling: Course Outline

The course is the field of academics, the kind of guidance needed is to make an individual an independent thinker and to manage his own affairs wisely and well.

Course Contents


  1. What is human nature according to Al Quran, various thinkers, and psychologists.
  2. General Causes of human anxiety, depression, mania, phobia weariness, mental anguish and conflict
  3. The meaning, need and functions of guidance and counseling.
  4. Counselling at school, college, social and professional levels.
  5. Mental health counseling and health care counseling
  6. Skills of the councilor, establishing relahoustup  and effective techniques
  7. Key aspects of counseling and approaches
  8. Psycho- dynamic counseling of Freud
  9. Post- Freudian psychodynamic counseling
  10. Phenomenological and humanistic approaches
  11. Gestalt therapy and psychodrama
  12. Ethical considerations of guidance and counseling


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