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Phytopharmacology: Course Outline (928)

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the theoretical concepts surrounding pharmacology, such as the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs, and the concepts surrounding pharmacotherapy.

Course Outline

Phytochemicals of natural origin

  • Preparation of corticosteroids from natural products like steroidal saponins‚Äč

Sapogenins (diosgenin etc.)

Artemisinin derivatives from antemisinin

  • Etoposide from podophyllotoxin
  • Taxol derivatives
  • Morphine derivatives
  • Lysergic acid derivatives
  • Ergotamine
  • Methyllergonovine‚Äč

Hydergineetc and other related topics of current interest

  • Quality control of herbal drugs
  • Effects of enzyme action in crude drugs
  • Adulterations of crude drugs
  • Effects of faulty collection
  • Improper preparation for market
  • Improper storage conditions
  • Deliberate adulteration

Quantitative microscopy in quality control monographs of crude drugs and pharmaceutical aids

Pharmacological assaya/screenings

  • Standardization of of crude drugs and pharmaceutical aids 

Recommended Books