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Oral Communication: Course Outline

The Course is designed to introduce to the students of the Essentials of Speech Communication.

Learning Outcomes

The students will be able to: 


  • Speak objectively
  • Develop oral presentation
  • Listen with a purpose
  • Speak persuasively
  • Decipher verbal and non-verbal messages
  • Develop and maintain the sense of confidence and self-worth
  • Objective participation in meetings
  • Develop skills to face media
  • Communication skills 

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Course Content

  • Introduction to oral communication
  • Forms of oral communication
  • Importance of oral communication
  • Analyze your organization and Environment
  • Oral and written communication : a comparison
  • Planning steps of a Message / Speech
  • Barriers in oral communication                  
  • Oral communication in business
  • Oral communication in practice
  • Persuasive Speaking
  • Visual Aids
  • Line graphs-Bar graphs
  • Pie charts etc
  • Transparencies
  • Usage of over-head Projectors and VCR etc.
  • Planning and Conducting an Interview
  • Objective usage of telephone
  • Dictating, Importance of dictation
  • Importance and procedure of note – making
  • Oral Communication in committee
  • Meetings, symposia/workshops
  • Oral communication in e-mail and on internet
  • Group discussion /panel discussion /role of moderator
  • Facing media
  • Communication in personal selling
  • Report writing and presentation
  • How to make presentation/ control of stage fright, general guidance and allocation of topics to students
  • Knowing and analyzing audience
  • Motivating your audience
  • Character and Personality traits of audience
  • Internal and External audience
  • Scripted Speech
  • Planning your Speech
  • Choosing the right language
  • Body Posture, Body Language, Proximity to audience
  • Panel discussion and Role Play
  • Picture Talk
  • Discussion on a TV/Film Scene
  • Debate/Presentation

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