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Management Information System: Course Outline

This is a fundamental course for the students of business administration. The course is designed to give concept of information systems and their importance for business success.

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Learning Outcome

  • Describe how data is captured, organized and managed using a data management system and design a simple database. using data modeling techniques.
  • Discuss the strategic considerations in information system development and their impacts on the organization.
  • Design effective user interfaces and explain the importance of internal controls for information systems.
  • Describe the different technologies, techniques and infrastructure of transaction processing systems associated with various transaction cycles.
  • Explain the e-commerce technology architecture and  discuss the strategies for successful E-commerce.
  • Identify and analyze risk factors, discuss measures to mitigate risks and the importance of business continuity planning.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Information Systems in Business
  • Why study information systems
  • Why business need information technology
  • Fundamentals of Information System
  • Solving Business Problems with Information Systems
  1. Systems approached to problem solving
  2. Developing information system solutions
  • General Systems Model of the Firm
  • Computer Software, Hardware (Overview from Managerial Perspective)
  • DBMS    
  • MS Access (A comprehensive workshop)
  • IS for Business Operations
  1. Business information systems
  2. Transaction processing system
  • Accounting Information System
  • Decision Support System
  • Marketing Information System
  • Financial Information System
  • IS for Strategic Advantage
  1. Fundamentals of strategic advantage
  2. Strategic applications and issues in IT
  • IS & Artificial Intelligence
  • Enterprise & Global Management
  • Managing IT  (Planning & Implementing Change)
  • Final Project (Report Submission & Presentations)

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