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Biofluid Mechanics: Course Outline

Biological fluid mechanics, or biofluid mechanics, is the study of both gas and liquid fluid flows in or around biological organisms.

Relevant Books

Course Contents

  • Basic concepts in fluid mechanics.
  • Viscosity, surface tension. 
  • Compressibility; hydrostatics.
  • Pressure on plate, kinetics & kinematics of fluid flow.
  • Continuity equation.
  • Conservation of momentum.
  • Bernoulliā€Ÿs equation.
  • Poiseuille equation; viscous, unsteady flows; dimensional analysis.
  • Physiological Fluid Mechanics.
  • Introduction to blood flow in the circulatory system.
  • Respiration, peristaltic motion. 
  • Ciliary and flagellar transport.
  • Rheology of blood and blood vessels.
  • Static and steady flow model. 
  • Native heart valve.
  • Fluid dynamics.
  • Measurement techniques.