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Biomaterial & Design: Course Outline (BM-442)

A biomaterial is any material, natural or man-made, that comprises whole or part of a living structure or biomedical device which performs, augments, or replaces a natural function

Course Outline

Biomaterials Science and Review: Hard Tissues and Pathologies, Orthopaedic prostheses, Properties of Natural Tissue Replacements.
Biopolymers and Biomaterials: 3D structure of Biopolymers by Bio Xray diffraction, Biomedical application of chitosan and other Biopolymers, Structure property relationships, Metals – Dental Implants, Bioceramics and Composites
Biocompatibility: Immune System, Corrosion, Deterioration of Nonmetallic Materials, Mechanical Factors, Testing of Biomaterials.
Applications: Joint Replacements, Fracture Fixation, Soft Tissue Implants, Vascular Implants, Tissue Engineering; Gene Therapy using viral vectors, Materials for Scaffolding.

Title of Practicals

  • To build molecular model of a biopolymer from basic repeating peptide units
  • Molecular graphics of basic repeating units of biopolymer
  • Interpretation of bio X-ray diffraction of a biomaterial expected diffraction pattern
  • Calculate R-value for structural analysis of biopolymers
  • To built model of CHITOSAN (bio-materials) from basic repeating units.
  • Molecular graphics of basic repeating units of CHITOSAN.
  • Demonstration of features of dental chair & dental operatory.
  • Demonstration of bio-materials (bioceramics, porcelain & metals) its composition & properties
  • Demonstration of the process of sterilization, autoclave & X-ray unit (dental).
  • Separation of bio-material (protein) by electrophoresis method involved in various diseases.
  • Demonstration of different types of sutures.

Recommended Books

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