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Basic Electronics For Biomedical Engineering: Course Outline (EE 211)

To study the fundamentals of Solid-State Electronics, the construction and function of Electronic Devices, and their applications, to be familiar with power electronic devices such as Thyristor, SCR, DIAC, and TRIAC

Course Outline

Semiconductors: Atomic structure of Elements, Energy level diagram for solids, Intrinsic and Extrinsic semiconductors, Electron hole pairs, Distribution of electrons, combination & Regeneration.
Diodes: P-N Junction, Ideal diode, Real diode, Large & Small signal operation, Application of Diodes in half wave rectification, full wave rectification, equivalent circuit, Zener & Special purpose diodes, voltage regulation.
Bi-Polar Junction Transistors: Operation of BJT, Static characteristic, Q-Point, Amplification, A.C. loading, D.C. circuit analysis, Cut-off point, Break Down voltage, Transistor as a switch, Transistor configurations and Biasing.

Field Effect Transistors: Operation of FET, Output characteristics, Transfer characteristics, N-channel and P-channel J-FET, Biasing circuit, Q-point. MOSFET, N-channel and P-channel MOSFET, Small signal Analysis, low frequency and High frequency small signal Model.
Introduction to Power Electronic Devices: Introduction to Thyristor, SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, Phase controlled rectifiers/ Inverter circuits, step down & step up choppers.
Applications: Power electronics in medical equipment.

Recommended Books

Lab Outline

  • Study of forward and reverse bias characteristic,  Study Characteristics,
  • Zener Diode, LED, Tunnel Diode, Laser Diode, Photo Diode, Reverse of Recovery Times of Diode,
  • PNP & NPN Transistor Characteristics, Photo Transistor,
  • JFET, MOSFET, Rectifiers (Half wave, Full Wave, Centre Tape and Bridge Rectifier.)

E-Books (Full Text)