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Advanced Media Writing/Analysis: Course Outline

This course is designed to help student critically analyze different genres like news, film, drama, documentary and other forms of public communication.

Course Contents

  • Screen writing
  • Media research 
  • Visual communication
  • Film analysis
  • Art of Storytelling, tools of Screen writing
  • Development of Idea, Characterization & exposition,
  • Protagonist, Antagonist and Conflict, Development of Story.
  • Evaluating visual messages, visual tools,
  • Frame analysis
  • Media writing in critical studies 
  • Models of film analysis: Production, Content, Reception
  • Contemporary film, drama and documentary
  • Journalism principles and techniques
  • Beat Reporting 
  • Column & editorial writing
  • TV News vocabulary
  • Live Reporting, On camera Reporting,
  • Interview Skill, Techniques
  • News ethics, media laws, responsibilities of journalist
  • Media policies
  • Language skills

Recommended Books

Recommended Books