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Advanced Media Production: Course Outline

This course is designed to train students in advanced techniques of media productions like camera work for the production of professional videos, lighting, direction and postproduction

Course Contents

  • Producing and directing professional genres
  • Camera and lighting
  • Editing Techniques
  • Drama/Films/ Documentary production
  • Multi Camera Production
  •  Studio Recording, Sets, Studio Geography
  • Documentary: Idea, Research, Reconnaissance, Treatment, Packaging
  • Drama, Text, Sub Text, Casting, Acting
  • Film production: issues and challenges
  • News Production
  • Editing and Finished Product
  • Techniques, Styles, Mixing, Graphics
  • Television newsroom
  • Anchoring
  • Live Reporting, On camera Reporting, On the spot Reporting
  • Rehearsal with Camera, Interview Skill, Techniques
  • Newscaster, Commentator, Appearance, Voice
  • Media literacy 

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