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Advanced Media Production: Course Outline (MMSC7T010)

This course is designed to train students in advanced techniques of media productions like camera work for the production of professional videos, lighting, direction and postproduction

Course Contents

  • Producing and directing professional genres
  • Camera and lighting
  • Editing Techniques
  • Drama/Films/ Documentary production
  • Multi Camera Production
  •  Studio Recording, Sets, Studio Geography
  • Documentary: Idea, Research, Reconnaissance, Treatment, Packaging
  • Drama, Text, Sub Text, Casting, Acting
  • Film production: issues and challenges
  • News Production
  • Editing and Finished Product
  • Techniques, Styles, Mixing, Graphics
  • Television newsroom
  • Anchoring
  • Live Reporting, On camera Reporting, On the spot Reporting
  • Rehearsal with Camera, Interview Skill, Techniques
  • Newscaster, Commentator, Appearance, Voice
  • Media literacy 

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