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Medical Imaging: Course Outline (BM-445)

Medical imaging is the technique and process of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention, as well as visual representation of the function of some organs or tissues (physiology).

Course Outline

Introduction: Interaction of Radiation with Matter, Scattered & absorbed Radiation, spatial image formation. 

Imaging Transducers: Various transducers used in medical imaging systems.
Imaging development: X-ray Film, Fluoroscopic imaging, Digital Imaging System, X-ray imaging, Film-less radiographic imaging, CT imaging, Emission Tomography imaging, Nuclear imaging, MR Imaging, Functional MRI imaging , Advance imaging modalities like PET and SPECT. Emerging areas in medical imaging.
Ultrasound Imaging: Ultrasonic imaging, Doppler Imaging, software based estimations and measurement in ultrasonic imaging. Planar and Volumetric analysis techniques.
Medical imaging software: Algorithms, techniques, imaging archival and management. Molecular imaging and other advance biomedical imaging techniques and their image manipulation.

Quality Assurance and Control in Medical Imaging Equipment: Quality assurance of medical imaging, Evaluation of imaging parameter and related equipment calibration, Diagnostic values, Statistical performance measures.

Course Objective

The main aim of this course in bio-medical engineering is to let the student know the basic physical principles involved in all imaging techniques. The object is to let the student understand the operation, construction and function of each imaging equipment.

Lab Outline

  • Demonstration of X-rays Equipment.
  • Ultrasound of liver and Gallbladder
  • Ultrasound of spleen
  • Ultrasound of kidney
  • Ultrasound of pancreas
  • Introduction, Technicalities, MATLAB
  • Histograms and Morphological Operators on X-rays
  • Intensity Transformation using MATLAB
  • DFT and Spatial Filtrating using MATLAB of medical Images
  • Filtrating in frequency Domain of medical Images (MRI/CT)
  • Image restoration of Medical Images (MRI/CT)
  • Image Compression of Medical Images (MRI/CT)
  • Demonstration of NMR

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