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Basic Principles of Assessment Planning & Designing: Course Outline

Course Outline (Course Code MHAS7141)

  1. Course contents.
  • Basic principles and concepts such as validity, reliability & standard setting
  • Standard setting for criterion and norm reference testing in a way that balances theory with practice.
  • Exploration in considerable depth of topics such as self-assessment and workplace-based assessmetets.
  • Participants are encouraged to create their own tools for use in their contextual settings.
  • Importance of self and peer assessment./
  • Assessing through reflection
  • Strategies and tols for feedback.
  • How to design high quality assessment tool.
  • Judgment of strengths and weaknesses of assessment methods. E.g.
  • Objective assessment methods e.g. SEQ / MCQ / EMQ
  • Clinical assessment tools: OSCE, DOPE, Mioni-CEX
  • Assessment based on portfolios

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